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Ambulette / Wheelchair Vans

Non-Emergency ADA-Compliant Ambulettes With W/C Passenger Lifts

With a wide variety of floor plans available on Ford, Ram, Chevrolet/GMC and Mercedes Sprinter full-size vans to accommodate our clients, Advance Mobility + is the industry leader in building commercial-grade ambulettes for fleets throughout the NYC Tri-State area.

Ultimate Seating Flexibility and Versatility 

Abilitrax Wheelchair Van Flooring

AbiliTrax is a common Platform that integrates quick disconnect AbiliTrax seating with several different wheelchair tie – downs options with wheelchair lifts and several other accessories using a floor grid system. This platform allows users to change the configuration of a vehicle in seconds.

AbiliTrax Quick Release Seating

The AbiliTrax system consists of a series of parallel, floor mounted tracks which are securely bolted through the floor of the vehicle. The tracks consist of a repeating pattern of cut outs that are designed to accept both "A" and "L" style tie downs (most commonly used for wheelchair and cargo securement) as well as our specially designed seat bases. The tie downs and seat bases may be positioned anywhere along the track system (front to back and side to side) for passenger transport, seat storage, or complete removal if so desired. Our exclusive, premium seat provides a “step and lock” latching system that allows the seats to be removed and reinstalled in seconds from a standing position with no tools. These bases are also provided with wheels for easy transport. Our exclusive flip up seat cushion also allows easier handling, passenger access and compact, “nest-able” storage. In cases where seats are not required to be moved or removed quickly or frequently, our “economy” seat bases are a lower cost alternative that attach to the same track system but require the use of hand tools. There are also a variety of optional devices and features that are designed to “plug and play” into the AbiliTrax system.

Innovative seat bases with wheels means no lifting – simply roll to the lift for removal or keep on the van and move to another spot to make room for wheelchairs. Need some extra legroom for the passenger in a leg cast? No problem! Simply move a seat back a few inches.

Wheelchair Vans and Transporters can now be converted from ambulatory transport to wheelchair transport and back as often as needed, taking just a few seconds per seat. The vans with AbilitTax can fit up to four standard wheelchairs or twelve ambulatory passengers!

  • Meets ADA and FMVSS requirements
  • Fully pull tested to meet rigorous US standards
  • Increase your opportunities and profit potential with the flexibility of seat layout

What is an Ambulette?

Ambulettes are non-emergency wheelchair vans which are typically used by businesses and facilities to transport both ambulatory and wheelchair passengers. Ambulettes are the vehicle of choice for nursing homes, adult day care centers, hospitals, transport companies, medical transportation providers, EMS facilities, fire departments, group homes and facilities for the developmentally disabled.

Common Features in Ambulettes and Wheelchair Vans

Advance Mobility + ambulettes feature custom one-piece plastic walls for ease of cleaning which allows your vehicle to stay new looking longer. We specialize in meeting your needs by offering side or rear lifts, multiple wheelchair and ambulatory seating, stretcher mounts, state DOT requirements and much more.

Why Advance Mobility + for Ambulettes and Wheelchair Vans

All of our ADA-compliant ambulettes and wheelchair vans are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality standards, meet all FMVSS standards. Additionally, we are a proud participant in Ford’s QVM program (Quality Vehicle Modifier). Ford also offers a special Mobility Rebate which is available only from builders in Ford’s QVM program. 
2 vehicles found
Ford Transit 150 Xl, White
10 mi | 2017 | Standard Wheelbase / Medium Roof
Ford Transit 150 Xl, White
15 mi | 2017 | Standard Wheelbase / Medium Roof